We believe strongly in collaboration, we persue this by inviting artists, designers, consultants and many other professionals who specialise in the arts, literature and historic buildings. Studio Idealyc works in a very flexible and accommodating way, putting the needs of the clients first whilst weighing up practical issues and aesthetic considerations. We place emphasis on context, materiality, function and comfort of space and strive to create playful and poetic architecture whilst strictly adhering to Building Regulations.

Our work varies from conversions, refurbishments to new builds and extensions and we’ve applied our expertise to residential, commercial and educational buildings. We have also worked extensively in community and green architecture, which we aim to keep in the forefront of our designs. Our approach is to explore every available option to achieve the best outcome in terms of the clients and context.

At Studio Idealyc we endeavour to provide technically simple solutions to complex problems. We are committed to intelligent and sustainable design holding with us a deep understanding of the engineering elements which are essential to addressing the manner of which we deal with energy, cooling, warmth, light and shade as well as how the building breathes. These engineering solutions must match, not only, budget but also the client's aspirations while ensuring a robust, maintainable scheme, which our team has the expertise and timely experience to deliver.

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