• Project SI_357 Abbotsbury House

    After completing our initial set of drawings for the interior renovation of a flat on the topmost floor of Abbotsbury house we met the clients at the site to discuss the progress of the project which is currently at demolition stage on site. Holding the meeting at the flat we were able to inspect the conditions of the building, finding character and detail throughout, including a very attractive group of copper pipes behind the suspended ceiling. The finished result was a bespoke apartment designed to a strict brief within a desirable location.

    Project SI_336 Vivian Road

    The style of harmony is established through the balance of symmetry, this is es¬pecially evident in the terrace houses of some historic parts of East London and specifically in our current scheme at Vivian Road, which is lies in the heart of Driffield Conservation Area near Victoria Park. Our approach to the design of the rear mansard seeks to repair the symmetry of the rear elevation where its appearance is visible. Our design is based on the paired element of the rear wing in which the line of sym¬metry is projected, mirroring the two properties in both material and geomet¬ric character.

    Project SI_330 Hillview Gardens

    For this project there was emphasis on discovering the importance that the relationship between projecting planes could hold, creating a dialogue with them in response to the brief. Opting out of several designs that featured a variety of planes contrasting with one another we focused our attention on the rhythmic beauty of symmetry. This is symmetry not to the point of appearing identical but instead venturing into the realm of architecture appreciating the elegance of its neighbour with no necessity to contrast. Going back to the basics of constructivism we have been intersecting planes with one another to produce constructive joints, creating powerful dynamics of horizontal and vertical lines.

  • Project SI_332 Pelham Road

    The application site an impressive building, boasting and eclectic mix of detail. The exterior façade is made up of yellow brick on the side and features a stucco front. Unusual as this seems, the building lying on the corner of a T road addresses two different languages, and does so with prowess. The detailed cornices of the front façade are mirrored with aesthetic detail around the windows and there is more detail further still with the columns and arches holding up the porch containing emphasised friezes. Producing a tendering package for our client enabled them to visualise an impressive project that reinstated much of the lost beauty, urging an innate reaction about the dwelling to embrace its heritage.

    Project SI_392 Freshfields

    The house situated within the Croydon suburbs is a charming property and although it is well suited to the needs of a small family our clients are now in need of extra space. We frequently deal with small projects of this nature and we believe that it is important to consider each extension, no matter how small, in terms of the site location and the individual needs of the users. The works consisted of a rear loft extension that was designed around our client’s daily family activities, remaining concise in function and design.

    Project SI_146 Northampton Park

    This project is situated within the Canonbury Conservation area, Islington, within the gardens of a semi-detached Victorian Villa. The timber structure, vertical strips of colored glass and timber shingle cladding again pay homage to the structure of a sycamore tree present within the garden and the differing colors of it's bark. The Victorian villa is a mass of brick with well proportionate windows puncturing its facade. The extension replicates this but through a softer scale and material. The curve displays strong contextual relationship by bringing harmony between the solidity of the Victorian villa with the softness of the garden.

  • Project SI_203 Little Patchttes

    The conservatory is designed with classical elevations in a contemporary way, responding acutely to the scale of the existing property. Our aim was not to compete with the existing character of the house, instead proposing a design that was simple, light and transparent. The concept was based on an opening glass box that contains a series of screens, in a classical motif following that of an orangery, that slide in front of the glass. The screens allow for privacy and shade when closed and can be slid across, flooding the interior with light while providing access out into the garden.

    Project SI_321 The Vale

    The proposal consisted of erecting a single story extension to the rear of the house. The flat roof extension projects out to follow the symmetry of the existing building envelope while also working harmoniously with the boundaries of the site. Heated flooring was installed, complementing the luxury interior décor that was built around it. All materials used in the extension are compatible with the ones used in the original house.

    Project SI_150 Gloucester Terrace

    Feeling the need to liberate the interior from the drab, run down state that it had become, the client whished for us to create a state of the art apartment for him, with a modern décor, transforming the space through contextually innovative design solutions. We remained committed to maintaining the integrity of the Grade 2 Listed building while needing to alter some of the non-load bearing walls to accommodate our clients growing family.

  • Project SI_379 Ridge Park

    Remodelling the rear of this house required liasoning with engineers to construct a safe design. The new applied structure of the project became part of the aesthetic and gave the work a powerful sense of presence needed for the rear aspect to assert itself.

    Project SI_308 Endymion Road

    Our project at Endymion Road propagated from the clients desire to extend their property further into the large, narrow, garden which tailed off to its rear. The ground floor extension was designed to merge with the garden, embracing the exterior, subsequently using large, floor to ceiling windows on two of the facades, and remaining sheltered on the other. Proportions, in regards to the fenestration and structure of the proposed extensions, were carefully considered and executed to remain submissive to the existing house and its neighbour’s.

    Project SI_364 Chelwood House

    Chelwood House remains a prime example of the high-rise developments that occurred in London in the 1960’s and sitting within such a prestigious conservation area and remaining an important building of significant heritage, required special attention to produce a successful planning application. Requested to replace the windows by our client we underwent fenestration studies and a detailed analysis of the site and what would and wouldn’t remain submissive to the current language. We decided on using double glazed steel Crittall Windows, the longstanding British manufacturer who are intrinsically linked with so many landmark modern projects key in the development of the “international style”

  • Project SI_313 Nightingale Lane

    The proposed works involve a two-story extension to the rear of the semi-detached properties, up to the height of the eaves. The proposal takes into account the local housing stock in terms of material finishes, including the use of reclaimed bricks, minimising the impact of sourcing from outside the locality and therefore meeting a sustained approach in line with local government policy.

    Project SI_314 West Hill

    The proposal was for the erection of a roof terrace on the rear of the property. Due to the close proximity of neighbouring properties we had to take carful consideration in regards to the effect it may have on the surrounding area, working with tight regulations to come up with a solution to please all.

    Project SI_162 Chalgrove

    Chalgrove, 30 Peterborough Rd, is located in London Borough of Harrow and is part of Roxborough Park and The Grove Conservation Area. The surrounding area is distinct for its green spaces and undulating topography. The property is located within walking distance of the Metropolitan Railway Line, which marks a distinction between the properties found in the immediate area and the more commercial and modern development of the town centre.

  • Project SI_310 Crimsworth Road

    The property prior to our involvement was dilapidated and run down and we were tasked with its reinvention, complete with converting the loft and designing a roof dormer that transcended into a balcony. The dormer addresses the mediation between its interior and exterior, the outside balcony using continuous and fluid surfaces that move through both.

    Project SI_342 Westbourne Terrace

    This project is sited at the very summit of a five story luxurious terrace townhouse in Paddington. Being situated within a listed building the project has certain constraints regarding the degree of change the existing building is to be subject to. Subsequently we used these issues as inspiration to instigate innovative design solutions regarding space, light and material. The project, which hides behind the traditional façade of British grandeur, is as consistent in scale and design as its veil, but remains modern offering a true purity of space.

    Project SI_139 Elm Road

    The side and rear walls of this typical Victorian residence were removed to create an extension that generates a larger kitchen, dinning and entertaining space, offering a clear link from the house to the rear garden. The additional space forms an L-shape that wraps around the buildings back façade. All structural elements were concealed, in order to form a series of simple planes, offering a transitional space where the threshold of inside and out becomes blurred.

  • Project SI_360 Calvin Street

    Our clients were the occupants of four neighbouring flats on the first floor of the Blue House Residence, 30-34 Calvin Street, located in the prestigious Brick Lane Conservation Area. The proposal was for four adjoining roof terraces, which would provide our clients with an increased amount of amenity space. Reinventing these series of outdoor spaces, using natural materials soft and fitting for the site, improved the outlook of the block of flats and also heightened the sense of security within the immediate location.

    Project SI_380 Boundary Street

    We were give artistic license to play with dramatic geometric forms that responded directly to the enclosed site on Boundary Street. We saw the site as a means to create a unique design for the house, demanding light and space despite being bound on all side by neighbouring properties. A subjective but free moving form was then created, a prerequisite for the desired ‘airy’ atmosphere requested by our client, which used light wells to draw in natural light as well as a courtyard, adjoining several floor to ceiling windows, to offer views of the sky above.

    Project SI_356 Blenheim Crescent

    This was a proposal for a change of fenestration upon a large Victorian property on Blenheim Crescent in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London W11 2EF. Conducting fenestration studies was our initial step to interpret best how to replace the windows our client required altering, which being on the prestigious front façade demanded care to retain the current language as upheld by the rest of the property and it neighbours.

  • Project SI_372 Acol Road

    The four story flat which lies within South Hampstead (formerly Swiss Cottage) Conservation Area required extensive fenestration studies, including making maquettes to best determine how the new windows should sit within the front façade, including the placement and materiality of the proposed alterations to best complement the original design of the flat and its surrounding neighbours.

    Project SI_369 Bristol Gardens

    Bristol Garden is an eclectic mix of commercial and residential properties. On the ground floor remain numerous small businesses including shops, cafes and other A2 (commercial) units of a similar disposition. The project involved changes on the properties roof which, while remaining out of site from the public for the most part, still demanded a level of subtlety due to overlooking neighbouring properties.

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