• Project SI_284 Dean Street

    Dean Street is located in the London Borough of Westminster and is part of the Soho Conservation Area. Dean Street is a one-way street with a busy footfall, being a popular location for restaurants and bars. Adhering to our ongoing adoration to deliver numerous sketch models in the preliminarily stages of the design process we came up with many possible solutions. This helped in visualising the new proposed façade and the appropriate scale to be used in conjunction with the conservation areas strict guidelines.

    Project SI_318 Southampton Road

    We (Studio Idealyc) were appointed to change the internal layout of the fourth floor of the St Giles International English school from what is predominantly bedrooms, into classrooms, while also submitting a full planning applications for change of use from class C2 (residential institutions) to D1 (Non-residential institutions). The project dramatically increased the college’s capacity, housing more students and also increasing the number of scheduled lessons.

    Project SI_112 The Hut

    The Hut at Spa Fields in Clerkenwell, Studio Idealyc’s first commission and public project, was highly commended as the best community based planning initiative at the London Planning Awards 2007. The building triangulates and complements the modernist architecture of the neighbouring Grade 1 Lubetkin Health Centre and the Grade 2 Italian Basilica style church. The shape and use and the poetic qualities of the copper spire are an ecclesiastical reference.

  • Project SI_215 Lord Brooke Pub

    The proposed works involved alterations to the ground and first floor internal layout and the adaptation of the front facades fenestration, placing in numerous windows to flood the interior with light. For both floors we changed the open plan layout into a series of smaller rooms, creating a series of intimate spaces.

    Project SI_305 Sunneyside Terrace

    5 Sunneyside Terrace sits within a small block of buildings, towards the corner in which Edgeware Road and Colinade Avenue meet in the London Borough of Barnet. The client wished us to assist him in the change of several empty units into a commercial property, where his proposed car garage could operate. The proposed removal and alteration of existing partition walls throughout the ground floor creates an open plan design suited towards the flexibility of the intended use, while similar alterations to the first floor help layout the optimum working environment.

    Project SI_309 White Bear Pub

    The changing use of the public house requires clever reinterpretation of existing space. For The White Bear pub in Hounslow, Middlesex, we developed the project accordingly, converting the first floor into living apartments, maximizing space for multi- purpose usage and offering unique opportunities to develop the space of the public house in accordance to new social trends and constant economic and democratic change. The pub sits on the corner of intersecting streets and, as can be seen, addresses two different typologies as a result.

  • Project SI_203 Commercial Street

    Commercial Street is a road in Tower Hamlets, the East End district of Spitalfields. Commercial Street has historically been dominated by industrial and commercial activity and as such embraces a heavy footfall. While addressing the clients brief to open up the ground floor to attracts customers we had to conform to the existing façade, which has a strong narrative. Keeping this in mind we carefully designed the shop façade, with the scale of the pilasters and the fenestration alike remaining submissive to the existing.

    Project SI_315 Hanningfield Reservoir

    The design of the Hanningfield Reservoir yacht house was based primarily around framing the stunning views surround the site and the numerous different operations to be performed within its compounds. For these reasons the internal layout adopted an open plan design, which featured heavily around the buildings fenestration and its innate ability to ease the mediation between interior and exterior. Externally the project remained submissive to its lush surroundings, appearing natural within its setting.

    Project SI_389 43-81 Greenwich High Road

    We (Studio Idealyc) were commissioned to designs the layout and internal organisation of a nursery within the 43-81 Greenwich High Road development, subsequently changing use from an existing B1 (business) to a D1 (non residential property). This required attenuation in regards to the children’s needs and the strict standards in regards to education alike, propagating a creative design that proved a mediation between the extremes of the brief.

  • Project SI_328 Horns Road

    The proprietor of a former petrol station in Horns Road, Barkingside asked us to convert the existing kiosk that stood unused on site into a commercial restaurant. This project was a change of use; the client wished to maintain the current use of the car wash while having an additional commercial unit at the front, for waiting customers. Working like this the design of the proposed kiosk called for conscience knowledge of the existing use in order to work in smooth transit with one another.

    Project SI_383 77-83 Broadway

    This was a planning application on behalf of West London Business College for the change of use of their property, 77-83 Broadway, West Ealing, London, from B1 (commercial office building) to a D1 (non-residential institution). The aim of this was to provide a functioning space for the college to use, which at present was unavailable.

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